Our Time In Guatemala

by jpserrano on July 28, 2008 · 0 comments

Dear Friends,

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last few days.  Internet access is a little trickier here, and we’ve had a rough few days so far.  Our trip to Guatemala from El Salvador was anything but easy, we had a 7 hour van ride through the mountains.  Caedmon threw up at breakfast before we left, and she has been sick ever since.  Levi started throwing up yesterday morning, and he is still sick.  Jeremy has not been feeling 100%, and I am playing nurse to them all.

Despite all of that, though, I am enjoying Antigua immensely!  The weather here is perfect!  Nice and cool in the mornings and evenings, and about 75 to 80 degrees during the day.  And there is NO HUMIDITY!  The Lutheran Center where we are staying is also gorgeous.  It used to be a hospital, and it is in the style of old colonial housing.  It is clean and safe, and the bugs are not too big (except for the spider that was on Jeremy’s pillow this morning.)

Yesterday, a good friend of mine traveled by bus to see us.  His name is Aristides, and he lives here in Guatemala.  About 15 years ago, he came to live with my family in California while he had surgery on his heart.  It was a real joy of mine to travel to his country to see him.  We visited for about 5 hours, and I just loved every minute of it!

Tomorrow around 5 in the morning, we are leaving Antigua to travel by taxi to Guatemala City to the airport.  God willing, we will be in LAX by nightfall.  It has been a pleasure to make this adventure and take you all along with us.  We are anxious to see you and share our stories.  And thank you to all who prayed for our little Rae Sunday morning.  We would appreciate continued prayers for the children’s health restored and safe travel tomorrow.

See you soon!

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