The Big Boy Bed

by jpserrano on August 19, 2008 · 0 comments

Well Friends, tonight is the second night that my son is spending in his big boy bed.  It is amazing how children are different.  With Caedmon, tell her to go straight to bed and she listens, it has been like this from day one.  She will not get out of bed, for the most part, it is as if there is an invisible barrier that is keeping her on the bed.  Levi on the other hand is quite the opposite, we put him in bed and find him 20 minutes later playing with the puzzles, while his sister, still in bed, is reaching down to play with him.—-Trouble I Tell Ya!

The above picture was taken as they were waking up from their nap today.  Levi decided to get out of his bed and go sleep at the foot of his sister’s bed.  When Jess and I went to get them up from their nap, the above is what we found.  We laughed………out loud!

Parenting is an adventure.  It is true what they say, if you pay attention, your children will show you how to raise them.  Caedmon only needs a word, while Levi needs reminders and physical guidance.  I wonder what the next child will be like.  I hope they are as easy as these two.

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