The Big Green Monster

by jpserrano on September 2, 2008 · 1 comment

This past weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to go away to lake Isabella.  We decided to begin our vacation on Thursday and come on on Monday.

We left in the late afternoon, which means that we put ourselves in the position of setting up a tent in the dark.  Thanks to the campsite we used the headlights of our vehicle to illuminate the area and it gave us a good amount of light for the task.  On the other side of that coin, it also made everything outside of its direct beams pitch black.  It gave everything an erie glow, which put the children on edge.

The first thing we did was put down a huge green tarp in order to keep our tent’s bottom relatively clean.  The children thought it would be fun to sit in the middle of the tarp, and they had a good time sitting in the light from the car playing on the massive tarp.  Just as Jess and I began to empty the contents of our tent bag, a huge wind came and picked up one end of the tarp. The wind was loud and with a train like sound you could hear it coming. It took the huge tarp and made it into a canvas wave that swept over the children.  Levi my son who is 15 months, heard the wind coming and l looked to see where the sound was.  Low and behold, all he saw was a huge green monster coming at him, and in vein, he tried to crawl away–the look on his face was pure terror. Caedmon was there with him and pretty scared as well, but before we could even get to pull the tarp off the children, we could hear Caedmon, who is 3, talking to her brother.  She said, “Don’t be scared Wevi, Jesus is with us, Jesus gives us the power to be brave.”

I was very delighted.

About three weeks prior to this incident, Caedmon and Levi attended the Vacation Bible School at our church.  Levi is too young to really get the concepts, and I thought Caedmon was too, but I was wrong.  The theme of this years VBS…Jesus Has The Power.  We covered topics like Jesus gives us the power to help others, Jesus gives us the power to live forever, and Jesus gives us the power to be brave.  SHE REMEMBERED!  My 3 year old daughter not only remembered, but in the midst of her own fear, tried to consul her brother.

I am tickled pink at her faith.

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GAILA September 3, 2008 at 12:52 pm

Oh my gosh Son! That is the sweetest story ever it brought tears to my eyes..
I love you all



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