The First Traveller

by jpserrano on September 5, 2008 · 0 comments

I am a British Christian.  My family were Christians when Ireland was still in pagan darkness. I belong  to the ancient church of this land.  I didn’t like the thought of this Irish missionary upstart.  I thought he was a puppet of the  English king, whom I hate.

When I saw him coming down the lane I would have passed by in silence.  But something about him, something in the way he looked at me, made me stop. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he asked, gently.

‘Of course.’ I said, huffily.

‘That is good to hear,’ he said.  ‘Now will you try to be a better one?’

I don’t know why I didn’t explode with anger, but I didn’t.  Suddenly I actually wanted to be a better Christian.  And suddenly I wanted to know Aidan better and hear what he had to say.


I found this story in yesterdays devotion from Celtic Daily Prayer.  It is the prayer book of the Northumbria Community.  

It had been much to long since I have held the fixed hour prayers, but that is changing.  What an appropriate devotion to start of the day with a penetrating question.  “Will you try to be a better one?”  That we would all ask ourselves this daily.


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