A Normal Day

by jpserrano on August 10, 2012

Daddy Diary Day 1: (Wife is on retreat)

Today I was feeling like super dad. I drove alone with the kids for three hours from Paso Robles, fed them, napped with them, unpacked the car, went to the grocery store, fed them dinner, and bathed them. All without incident, until I decided to take a shower.

Caedmon was in the kitchen and dropped a coffee mug, it shattered and she ran up stairs to tell me the news. I looked out from the shower and their was blood on her foot. I asked her, “are you ok your foot is bleeding.” She looked at me then back to her foot, she almost had a minor panic attack. Once we cleaned it up, we found a small nick on her ankle.

They all got pretty cranky after I fed them cookies post dinner, which is weird because it makes me less cranky. They are in bed now. I am tired.

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