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by jpserrano on August 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Daddy Diary Day 3: (Wife On Retreat)

Day 2 did not get a diary because I was overwhelmed with the smell of dirty diapers, children longing for attention, and my own desperation for a drink. I had so much to do when the kids went to bed that I sat down had cookies and milk and fell asleep watching TV.

Today was a good day. The children took an epic long nap which mean I got an hour in there somewhere. Why is it that when my son wakes me up it makes me want to throw something at him?-oh, here’s why.

Every time he wakes me up, he sneaks with the stealthiness of Seal Team 6 to where I am sleeping and Shock and Awes me with a loud, “DADDY CAN I WAKE UP?” Thus the pillow throw. I’ve only hit him a handful of times. His reflexes are getting better though.

I really do have the best children. They had a great time playing around the house today. We watched a little Harry Potter (The Prisoner of Azkaban). Red a little Harry Potter (????), and they all got bathes.

Though we have been having a great time, I am ready for my wife to come home. It’s better to have 2 on 3 then 1 on 3. Less stuff get’s broken that way.

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