Contemporary Worship Music Resource For Lutherans

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I came across the following site in my search for contemporary-written in the last 50 years or so-praise music in Lutheran congregations.  The Missouri Synod has put out the following document in which it gives contemporary songs and how they fit in to Lutheran theology.  

LCMS you may have gotten a little crazy with the whole youth gathering SNAFU, but thank you for this.  You are doing this right.  

Here’s what I like about this.

1. They have a process that is well thought out.

Sixteen reviewers—pastors, musicians, and worship leaders well acquainted with diverse and contemporary song literature—invested significant time to evaluate this repertoire.

2. They are intentionally theological.

…each song would be considered in light of the Holy Scriptures, the church year, the lectionary, the Sacraments, law/gospel balance, confessional/doctrinal thought, redemption and forgiveness in Christ, and the use of Trinitarian language.  

3. They care about the singability.

Reviewers also evaluated how accessible the melodies are for congregational singing.

4. They understand contemporary artists and their purpose.

The words of songs frequently convey simple scriptural thoughts that are wedded to stirring rhythmic melodies.  Multiple songs can be sequenced in a medley to draw together several ideas and may be connected with scripture readings, liturgical responses, extemporaneous prayer, praise, and witnessing. Recording artists and song writers collaborate with lyricists, musicians, and publishers to hone their craft audibly first, seeking to inspire individuals, assemblies, audiences, and worship communities.

Bravo Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  I will be coming back to this page frequently to check out the songs you add. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America it’s time to step up your game on this.


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