Machine Gun Preacher

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While wading through the sea that is Netflix, I came across a movie that I had seen the title to many times but had zero interest in watching…until I read the synopsis.

“Gerard Butler stars in this true-life story of Sam Childers, a drug dealer who turns his life around to become a spiritual warrior. His mission? Rescuing child soldiers in the Sudan from lives ruined by their forced participation in a bloody conflict.”

I watched it, and let me tell you, this is one interesting movie.

Sam Childers is a real guy working in a war zone, saving children from forced enslavement and conscription into the Lord’s Resistant Army lead by James Kony.  This ex-drug user was transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ; when he saw the atrocities that were happening in the Sudan, he was called by God to do something.  For him that something was to build an orphanage, feed children, and rescue young kids from the LRA.  When I write rescue, I mean he finds out how these kids are being transported and kills the soldiers transporting them.  Like a shepherd protecting sheep from the mouths of wolves, Childers is out on the margins of the world saving children from hell on earth.

I highly suggest you check out the movie Machine Gun Preacher and Sam Childers‘ website.

Like all people living on the edge, there are allegations of misconduct. You can read about it here.

Not everyone is a fan of the movie. Here is a pretty unfavorable review.

Some may object to his methods (participating in the war).  Some may come after him for his orphanages conditions. I think this guy is trying to do God’s work in a FUBAR situation and providing some care, which is better than no care, for these children.  


Have you come across anyone doing God’s work in a non-traditional way?  Tell me about them in the comments section.

What do you think of Sam Childers and the work he is doing?

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