Little Known Fact: Jesus’ Tears Are Made Of Sewage Water

by jpserrano on December 8, 2012 · 0 comments


1. Can we all agree that if someone is going to fabricate a crying crucifix, clean water should be used.  I am not asking for filtered water, just not sewer water.  How about that?  There is no honor among con-artist anymore.

2. Christians, can we just be a little more skeptical (not completely) of “miracles.”  I think miracles happen, but stuff like this probably isn’t on that list.

3. Everyone has the right to free speech.  This Atheist doesn’t seem like he’s being a Jerk.  He’s trying to get people to stop drinking the sewage water coming out of the crucifix–there is nothing wrong with that.  Now if Jesus was crying spring water, then the atheist should leave these people alone especially in a polytheistic place like India.  But, Jesus was crying SEWAGE WATER people. It’s not right this Atheist has to flee his home for clearly outing a charlatan.



Got any thoughts on this?

And for fun:  What is the wackiest miracle you’ve heard of?

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