Fish Sitting (Day 3-5)

by jpserrano on December 29, 2012 · 0 comments

Fish sitting has been fun!  Boy, does this little guy like to help in the kitchen.  We did a lot of baking on Thursday.  We made cookies, bread, and tortillas, and he especially loved helping with the dishes.  He was so into making sure everything was clean, he even tried to jump into the water in the sink.  We eventually put a bag over the top of the bowl so he couldn’t get out.  I felt bad about curbing his enthusiasm, but I can’t return an empty bowl to my brother with a story about his fish dying in the suds.

We went on an overnight to my brother’s house while he’s gone.  We at first went to check the mail, but then it got late so we ended up just sleeping there.  Before we left we put Pigwidgeon in the pantry and ended up leaving him there for about 24 hours.  He didn’t seem any worse for wear, although we did find the kitten pawing at the pantry when we got home.

He has been really active since we got home.  This excited Levi greatly so he got to feed him.  Enrique said we should only give him eight little food pellets; I hope we are feeding him enough.

Since all the children are not feeling well, it has been a TV-watching kind of day.  We watched Finding Nemo, and Pigwidgeon seemed really engaged.  He watched the TV from his perch on the book shelf.  He did jump a little at the shark scene, but so did all the kids.  

I think he is starting to miss the other Serranos. He’s been a bit quiet tonight. 

Pigwidgeon’s Diary

Ahhhhhh!  Not the cooler. No, please! No more. (sob, sob, sob). No more.  I can’t . . . I don’t want . . . Please . . .

I’ve let my brothers in the can down.  One full day in the cooler, sitting in the dark, with no one responding to my pleas, and I crack.  That is embarrassing, to say the least. They put me in there because they caught me as I was escaping.  I had made my break when I thought the guards weren’t looking. I went over the glass fence and into the small sea, just inches from the drain that would take me to the ocean.  -All drains lead to the ocean.-  And once there, I would have been free to engage Phase II of The Plan.  But alas, they caught me, threw me in the cooler, and left me to scream in the dark.

I shall have to redeem my pride and regain my wits.  I’ve been doing some research this evening.  That little orange Nimrod fish may have had a plan that could be of some use to me.  Going belly up, on purpose, to trick these fools at their own game. I shall think on this tonight.  Until the ‘morrow . . .

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