Fish Sitting (Day 7)

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Today was kind of a slow day here at home.  The two older children have had a temperature all day, so it has been a very mellow day.  I think Pigwidgeon was getting bored.  For most of the morning he rode the children’s rocking horse.  He was getting so into it, we had to re-fill his water twice.  It was as if he thought he was actually going to go somewhere.  I swore I heard muffled sounds from underwater that said, “Hurry, boy!”  But it could have been the TV; the kids were watching one of the Air Bud movies.

I think for Pigwidgeon’s birthday, I’m going to buy him some Hot Wheels.  He just LOVED the kids’ car carpet! He was so focused while he was playing on it today; he kept following the roads on our carpet around and around.  It got dizzying to watch.  But, at least he was entertained.  


I could watch that little guy for hours.  There’s something about watching fish swim around in their bowl.  It is very peaceful.  I was mesmerized for an hour, just watching him go round and round.  I think I might want a fish of my own.  Too bad we have to give him back tomorrow.

Pigwidgeon’s Diary: 

Today was an exasperating day.  My escape plans were not well-thought out, I admit my short-coming there, but when I saw these

opportunities arise, I had to seize them.  Yet, it was if I was just providing entertainment for those cruel captors of mine.  While the young ones were distracted watching their digital picture communication device, I snuck onto the back of an old filly they keep in the pasture.  I could see they treat her well because her mane was braided and she had a huge smile on her face, so big it almost looked painted on.  I wiggled my way up onto her back, in a fashion that would make my Pacific Northwest salmon brothers proud, and I said to the ol’ girl, “Onward, fair creature!”  But those humans were a step ahead again.  They must have trained her to respond to a code word that only they knew. I tried every cue I could think of, and still the horse would not leave her yard.  We galloped for a while but did not make any real headway.

Refusing to be discouraged, I saw a town nearby full of travelers and motor vehicles.  I quietly slipped over there using my ninja training from years ago and attempted to find my way out.  But the tall ones had created some some kind of maze, and whatever road I went down turned into another road.  There was no beginning or end.  Only endless road.  It was maddening!  But I calmed myself by whispering aloud, “Fear cuts deeper than swords.” (Sensei Wu, my first dancing master, taught me that.)  So when I mastered control over my fear, I took the offensive with the male human.  I began my water dance to lull him into a trance.  It would have worked too if those pintlings would not have started arguing over who had the higher fever.  Blast sibling rivalry!  I think I will try my water dance again tomorrow on the horse.  Perhaps I can entice the code word from her with a few of my graceful tail flicks.

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