Daddy Diary: My child must learn…

by jpserrano on February 9, 2013 · 0 comments

Caedmon (my 7 year old) has a friend over and wanted to show off a bit for her.  She thought she was being funny by going to the bathroom sink, wetting her hand, and flicking me with water. It was funny, but she must learn!

So, I found the two water bottles that we use to keep the cat off stuff. I asked her if she wanted to dual, of course she did. I even told her I would let her shoot first, because we all know I am the better shot.

The look of resignation on her face when she pulled the trigger of her squirt bottle and found it didn’t work brought me great joy. Seeing the wheels turn in her head figuring out my ploy, made me smile even bigger.   My child is very funny, but she must learn nobody beats Daddy.


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