Quick Thought: Maundy Thursday

by jpserrano on March 21, 2013 · 0 comments

Part of being Christian means that we allow Jesus to serve us. This is completely backwards to the way the world tends to work. Usually those with power are served by those with less power, but this is not the upside-down way of Jesus.

In the Kingdom of God, Jesus has all the power and he serves us. When he washes the disciple’s feet, Jesus shows that he sacrifices in small act of services. The next day he sacrifices for humanity with his own life. Jesus has all the power and he is the one who shows us that God comes to serve.

Too often we want salvation to be something we do, a decision we make, obtained with good lives and the least amount of bad acts as possible. But, this is following the way of Peter who did not want Jesus to wash his feet, instead Peter wanted to wash Jesus feet.

Salvation through our own effort takes Jesus act and subverts it by making it a service of the self for the benefit of the self, rather than something Jesus does for us.

Jesus comes to serve us and we rob him thinking we can do his work for him.


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