The Kingdom of God = Breaking into someones home 2013.

by jpserrano on December 5, 2013 · 0 comments

Many people outside of San Diego probably don’t know about Jeff & Jer’s “Breaking and Entering Christmas.”  

The concept of the event is this.  People will send in letters on the behalf of needy families.  The Jeff & Jer Radio Show chooses a family and the show’s producer, Little Tommy, takes some of his friends from Chula Vista break into their house and leave presents for the whole family. They get locksmiths, police, and businesses to help with the event, along with Tommy’s ex-hoodlem friends, so that no-one gets put in jail or inadvertently hurt.

This event from the Jeff and Jer Radio Show is a staple in my Advent/Christmas Season.  

I think it is a testament to this time of year when the story of Jesus has captivated people in many ways and inspires them to be generous.  I think this little radio show gives us a glimpse now of the future Kingdom of God in which there is joy, peace, generosity, and hope.

You should really listen to it yourself.  Be warned, it makes me cry……..EVERY TIME!

Start with Part 3, 2, then 1 in order to hear it in order.

Listen Here 


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