Holding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each Other (Thoughts on the Preface & Introduction)

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I REALLY like it when books are upfront on how to use them; this preface is really clear. The author lays out an unambiguous plan to implement with our families.

Here is the plan:

Step 1: Share your highs and lows every night.
Step 2: Read a key Bible verse or Story every night.
Step 3: Talk about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows every night.
Step 4: Pray for one another’s high and lows aloud every night.
Step 5: Bless one another before turning out the lights on the day.

The author contends that by doing this program regularly the reader will model, “Compassion, empathy, reflection, and care for your children” (p.12).  I couldn’t agree more.  

When we as parents show concern and sympathy for the family’s lows, we are being, modeling, and teaching compassion.  When we share in the feelings of our family in their highs and lows we are teaching and modeling empathy.  When all of these things are lifted up in prayer we are showing that God hears our joys and sorrows and is compassionate and empathetic.  Reading and discussing the scripture helps children reflect on God’s story to us and spending time with our children shoes them that we care.

This plan cultivates relationship between family members and provides faith formation in the home.

I appreciate that the author also acknowledges that a 5 step plan may seem like a lot for some people and therefore he writes, “Anything you do, is better than nothing” (p.13). In conversations with parents I have heard that they do some of these things intuitively, but I have not known any family who does ALL of them.

The only one we really do with our children formally is pray.  We pray with our children before every meal and before they go to bed.  We are a praying family in that regard.  But, we don’t really do some of the other steps.  

But, we are going to start.

Here is what I like about this book.  It is a concrete plan. The author is very clear on where he is headed giving me the “secret” of the book at the very beginning.

There is definitely a method that the author wants the reader to take.  He tells us we should do this for 42 days, six weeks, or a month and a half.

I am going to give this author 42 days, I just need to get my wife on board so we do this as a team.



What do you think of the opening chapters?

Do you like the direction this book is headed?

Does this seem like something you would be willing to do?

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