Daddy Diary

My wife is a school teacher and for the summer she took our three children to spend some time with the grandparents.  She was gone for 4 weeks. I slept in, came home to silence, watched whatever TV show I wanted, ate whatever I wanted, came and went as I pleased.  It was wonderful.  The house was clean….let me say that again THE HOUSE WAS CLEAN FOR 4 WEEKS.  

For the first 2 weeks life was grand.  But, I started to miss them.  

I realized I wanted to prepare myself for their arrival so it wasn’t a big culture shock.  I put together this handy guide to help me re-adjust to the family life.

How to prepare for the family’s return.

6 Days Before: Take all the pillows in the house and carefully put them down the center of the bed.  This will re-create your wife and cats sleeping position and remind you how to contort your body in bed.

5 days before:  Take 4 legos throw them into every room in the house and once a day walk through the house with your eyes closed.  This will retrain the way you walked nimbly when the kids were home.

4 days before: Ask some someone to call you at 6:30am for the next 4 days and whisper, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy can I watch TV?” This will help you be less cranky on the first morning after their return.

3 days before: Play the same song over and over again, the song should have some kind of question. This will get you used to the never ending questions and reminders of what they did when they were away.

2 days before: Create a mess in every room of the house.  This will help you remember the chaos and disorder that seems to spring up from nowhere.

1 day before:  Hire someone to knock on the bathroom door every 30 sec every time you enter it.  This will help you remember what it’s like living with children under 9 yrs old, no longer can you be in a room be yourself in silence.

The day of their return:  …wait anxiously for your family.  Meet them for dinner on the road just so you can see them sooner =).

Life is back to normal.  I actually sleep better in those contorted positions. I think of the legos as a course for training me how to tread lightly. I realize that the day should begin before lunch.  Their questions and stories are actually pretty great. The mess…still working on that.

I am glad they’re home.



Putting the Puzzle Together

by jpserrano on June 3, 2013 · 0 comments

On fridays I stay at home with my youngest son who is 2 years old.  

He’s pretty activity.  On this day he migrated from reading books to making me food in the play kitchen to assembling a puzzle.  In fact, he worked on that puzzle for a while.  At first, I didn’t want to intervene because I could see the wheels turning in his head.  But, if I’m honest, I was also learning some things about the mind of a two year old, puzzles, and parenting. 

I learned that putting puzzles together is not intuitive.  He first was taking pieces out of the box and holding them with the front of each piece facing the ground.  Then he was holding them high in the air trying to fit them together. He would have eventually figured it out, but it would have taken him a very long time.  

I eventually had to help.  Because of his age, I had to take each piece put it on the ground showing him exactly where it fits. I would put the right piece just near where it belonged. With every piece the conversation went something like this:

“Do you think this one goes here?”  
“Try to put it here.” 
     “Ok daddy.”

After each piece was put into place he would give a brief squeal and want the next piece.

For some non-sequiter reason, this incident got me thinking about raising children to believe in God.

If we give lessons for figuring out puzzles  shouldn’t we give lessons on figuring out faith?

Do you help your children put the puzzle of faith together?  Why or why not?

What helped you in your faith journey as a child?




Daddy Diary: My child must learn…

Caedmon (my 7 year old) has a friend over and wanted to show off a bit for her.  She thought she was being funny by going to the bathroom sink, wetting her hand, and flicking me with water. It was funny, but she must learn! So, I found the two water bottles that we use […]

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Daddy Diary (A Mother Daughter Conversation)

My family was sitting around the dinner table for dinner tonight.  Our two sons and I were eating, my wife was preparing our daughter’s second helping of pasta with butter and parmesan cheese.  Just as my wife finished putting on the cheese the following conversation took place. Daughter:  You ruined my life mommy! Mommy: Huh? […]

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The Prodigal Mommy Returns

Daddy Diary Day 4: Every year my wife Jessica goes away on retreat with her friends.  Her particular mode of retreat is scrap-booking.  It’s a time for her to be away from the kids, sleep-in, see old friends, get a massage (yes they hire a professional masseuse to come and massage the girls), basically its […]

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Testing Reflexes

Daddy Diary Day 3: (Wife On Retreat) Day 2 did not get a diary because I was overwhelmed with the smell of dirty diapers, children longing for attention, and my own desperation for a drink. I had so much to do when the kids went to bed that I sat down had cookies and milk […]

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Suprised At Dinner

Toward the end of dinner Caedmon, my 7 year old daughter, expressed how full she was.  She gasped sweetly, “I shouldn’t have eaten the last bite.”  Being the good father I am, I went to grab her plate to put in the sink–this is a treat for her because usually she has to clear her […]

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