Concert, My Youth, & Peace

by jpserrano on September 27, 2008 · 0 comments

Last night my group of Santa Clarita friends went to a concert in Irvine. We saw Third Day, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay. The most dissapointing act was Jars of Clay, they just didn’t seem up to par. An interesting thing happened at the concert that shows the shift in culture within the last 15 years. Instead of people getting out there lighters, they brought out there cellphones. Now this may seem unsignificant to the young reader, but it is not. 15 years ago people would have showed their approval of the bands with lighters, that was not the case at this concert…I find that very interesting and am still thinking about the implications of technology. This is especially ironic as I blog from my iPhone.

As of last night it is official… My youth is gone. At the concert it was necessary for me and my wife to wear earplugs. I don’t know what is worse that I needed the brautiful noise reducers or that I planned in advance to bring then on the chance that it would be to loud. With them the concert was at just the right volume. You can see a picture below.

Finally, as I sit here at Starbucks in Alpine, with the constant whirl if blenders and steamers.. with a line of people out the door who are here but seem not to be present, I am reminded that peace is an inner state. I will write more on the spiritual disciplines later and how I feel changed by them. For now I am off to prepare for my reunion tonight.


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