Deciding to Move (The Holy Spirit’s Intervention)

by jpserrano on August 4, 2011 · 0 comments

As many of you know I (Jeremy) am in the Candidacy process to become ordained in the ELCA.  As a part of that process I am required to spend an extra year in seminary and do a Lutheran year at a Lutheran Seminary–A kind of Lutheran re-tredding.  I have been providing subtle (or not so subtle) hints to my wife that it is almost time for me to move to Berkeley to do this Lutheran year and therefore the time is approaching for her to get a job in the area to support us.  Our original plan was as follows.

1. We would spend the next year living in Valencia (which would delay my ordination).

2. Jess would find a job this year.

3. Jeremy would move to Berkeley by himself for the 9 month term in Fall of 2012.

Well that’s not exactly what turned out.

While Jessica was applying for jobs in local school districts she applied for a job in Alhambra California which is in LA County, or so she thought.  It turns out that she applied for a Job in Alameda, Ca–an honest mistake.  At this point neither of us knew exactly where Alameda was.  For various reasons, she declined the interview.  At this point we looked up where Alameda was, but could not justify the cost of going out there for a “practice interview.” Nevertheless the interviewers were persistant and decided that a phone interview would be sufficient.   Well much to our chagrin, she was offered the job.  After several days of intense back and forth, where one minute I would say yes and she would say no and ten mintues later we would switch, (this happened for 3 days, we decided that rather than split up the family for 9 months we would all go together).

Yes, that is right.  We are moving to the East Bay.

Now when one thinks of the Bay area, they may think of this.

However, we are moving to Hayward.  Which is a smaller suburb south of Oakland.

Well, This means that I will be going to PLTS in the Fall (God willing), Jess will be working in the Alameda school district and Caedmon will be starting first grade.  Our life is ful of transitions…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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