New Goal: I am going to be the worst BJJ student.

by jpserrano on April 3, 2017 · 0 comments

My Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Journey moves at the pace of cold molasses. The truth is, I’m keenly aware that this slow moving walk is at my own choosing.

The book “The War of Art” calls what I face “resistance”.
The book “Leading Marines” names it “friction”.
But those are just nicer words for what it really is—excuses.

(In my best Trump voice) All I have are excuses. I have the best excuses. No one has better excuses than me.

And in my mind my excuses are valid.
I’m overweight.
My body hurts.
I need to be fitter.
I don’t want to get hurt.
It’s been too long since my last class.
I’m tired.
I don’t want to embarrass myself.
I’ll start tomorrow.
I have work commitments.
I need to spend more time with the family.
People will judge my slow pace, my lack of ability, my sucking wind.

The thing about all the resistance/friction/excuses, especially the ones that involve what other people think, they’ve never actually happened, at least not in my presence.  The people at my gym are the coolest, most welcoming, lovely bunch of people, who are nothing but supportive. It’s my mind that’s my own worst enemy.

I am the only one holding myself back. Because of that, I am envious of people who have spouses who tell them not to go to BJJ. They at least have someone to blame.  All my wife does is encourage me to go. I can’t even use her as an excuse.  She knows that I love it, so she wants me to go. But, I don’t.  The above list rings in my head before every class………..RESISTANCE

So I have a new goal.  I am going to be the worst BJJ student.

As of April 3, I’ve been to class twice this year. That’s not even once a month. I orbit the gym on a Pluto like trajectory.  At this rate I’m not even sure that I can say I practice the art. I guess we can add doubt to the above list………FRICTION.

But, I am going to go to class, suck wind, do the warm ups slower than everyone else, be terrible at the technique, get smashed by partners, tap out every 30 sec…I am going to go.  I am going to be there.  Right now, that is my goal.  Show up.

I am going to do as much as I can, and be the worst in the class. The main point here, is I WILL BE in class.  I will not let my mind get in the way, because even though all my reasons are valid in my mind they are nothing but………EXCUSES.

I have to try discipline because motivation doesn’t work as regularly as I would like.  If Jocko Willink is correct when he writes, “discipline equals freedom” then I am hoping that this new discipline will give me the freedom to not let Resistance, Friction, and excuses win.


I appreciate the encouragement of those who are nothing but supportive.  Thank you.


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